My work is a combination of glitch art and findings. Working through a 21st century Dada lens, I utilise technology to explore areas of expression, emotion and the self.

As a media-maker, I see photography the same way I see poetry, and I see videography the same way I see story-writing; weaving a deft narrative one chapter at a time.

Poetry is the most democratic artform because all you need is a pen and paper – and if you are very good you do not even need those things. Videography was always the least democratic because of how much money and teamwork is needed just to get going – yet now when nearly every person on the planet has a smartphone, we each hold a tiny movie-studio in our hands.

The stereotype is that technology is driving us apart, and yet right now I can watch a live video of anything from anywhere in the world. How then can technology bridge this juxtaposition? And how can we find humanity in the technology we use?

Shane Vaughan
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