A look at my video installation "Church of Nine Eyes" (2020)
This piece was installed at George's Quay, Limerick School of Art & Design, as part of my Fine Art BA. It features three elements, the visuals of the Projection in a cube, the audio of a Theremin, and the Narration from an old Rotary Phone.
Documentation of my Site Specific Projection work, "Flock" (2020).
This was installed to project out the windows of George's Quay, Limerick School of Art & Design. 
It played for three nights.

Using Loops as our starting point, students were asked to create a 3 minute video which could theoretically play on a loop in a gallery setting.

In response to a workshop with acclaimed performance artist Nigel Rolfe, I created 'This Mortal Flesh', a study in ageing, the body, and reoccurring pain. Filmed by Lucy Dawson, directed and edited by myself, this began my journey of self-investigative video work.

This piece later played at the Cork Indie Film Festival, (2020).

The Little Red Train (2019)

An experiment in montage.

Solomon (2016)

This was an early Poetry Film, made with poet Jude O'Neill and Videographer Lucy Dawson. I Directed and Edited this piece, which later was shortlisted for the O Bheal Poetry Film festival.

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